Katja Laurila

Head of Client and Case Management

Katja is a passioned manager who believes in the power of leading by example as well as listening the customers to identify and target their services. She puts focus on building networks and creating trustworthy and influential relationships with both co-workers and stakeholders. Having over 15 years of successful experience in cross country leadership in Nordea, while being a member of several management teams preparing organizations for the future challenges, Katja joined forces with Invidem in autumn 2019 to form something unique for a greater good of the society.  

Invidem is a joint venture of the six largest Nordic Banks and will have its service launched in 2021 by providing a platform for handling non-competitive KYC data via standardized processes. 

Currently member of the Invidem management team with responsibility on client management and the operational  troops harnessed to meet the regulatory requirements in financial crime area and combating the criminal minds.